Thursday, August 30, 2012

                Before understanding the difference between Linux and Unix , need to understand the operating system concept.  Operating system is the collection of kernel , device drivers, GUI , dekstop ..etc.
Unix is developed in 1969. Intially it was developed in assembly language but after the invention of C language,it is recoded in C. Following are the some of  Unix Operating System :
·         Sun Solaris
·         IBM-AIX
·         HP-UX
Linux is a kernel, which is developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Following are the Operating system’s uses linux kernel.
·         Red Hat Enterprise Linux
·         Fedora Linux
·         Debian Linux
·         Ubuntu
Its clear that Unix is a OS but linux is a Kernel which is used in above Operating systems. In all operating systems, kernel is not used as it is. It’s changed as per user requirement.
Ø  Many linux commands are not running in unix operating systems.
Ø  Linux is very user-friendly as compared to Unix.
Ø  Linux has many security services like SeLinux..etc.

Posted by Machindra Dharmadhikari On 8/30/2012 10:38:00 PM 1 comment


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