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Run Unix Commands on Windows                                    Grub Boot Loader

People always complain that there are not enough softwares available in Linux/Unix which we require for daily life but it is not true. There are enough softwares  available in Unix and all these softwares are open source. We can easily download and install it and suppose, in Linux repository, we couldn’t find the required package then install windows software on Linux that will be the best way. So, we are going to understand how to install wine application which is creating windows like environment on Unix for windows applications.
Wine is the package which used for creating environment of Windows on Linux. It is open source package. Installation and configuration of wine is quite easy. you can download winehq from here.

Features of Wine

·         Wine allows you to run many Windows programs on Linux.
·         If we are using latest version of Wine then we can get assistance from winehq channel on
If you need complete installation of Windows then you can look for Qemu as well. It is also an open source application.

Install Wine on Ubuntu Server

Let’s install wine on Ubuntu server first:
It is very easy to install Wine on Ubuntu Server. Need to follow below steps to install it :

Step 1: Run below command to update repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources. For each Ubuntu server it will change if you are installing it on Quantal 12.10 Ubuntu then following lines will be added in your system’s software sources:

These lines will be different as per your version of OS.

Step 2: update APT package information by running.

sudo apt-get update

Step 3  : We can now install Wine directly. Run below command.

sudo apt-get install wine1.5

Wine is installed on Ubuntu. Please check for application, it will come in list.

Configuration of Wine in Ubuntu

Before using Wine, we need to configure it. It needs fake c: drive where windows application will be installed. To create fake drive, run following command.


We have another method as well to do this by going to Applications√† Accessories √† Terminal
We have configure wine option in the Applications √† Wine menu
The above command will create a hidden folder for wine  in home directory of current user. Once directory created then wine configuration window will appear and customize settings as you need.  If you want change the application specific changes then also run above command. Pop will come for menus and then click on Add application and navigate to where exe resides and then select it. Change the settings as per your requirement.

Install windows application in Wine

Now it is time to install windows application in Wine.
Step 1: Download the exe or any kind of installable file of windows for the application.
Step 2: Save at somewhere and cd to that directory through terminal.
Step 3: Type as follow:

                Wine name-of-application.(extension)                                  e.g.  wine vlc.exe

While installation, if application asks for directory to save files then select C: drive. (We already created C: drive). Whenever you want to run this application then go to that directory and above command or go to wine browser and double click on launch icon it will start that application.

Uninstall Wine

If you want to uninstall the wine then run following command it will uninstall it. Run terminal and run command.

wine uninstaller

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