Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If following conditions occur then avoid the use of shell scripting. It will enhance the speed and performance of project.
Shells script not to use in these situations:
·         Procedures involving heavy-duty math operations, especially floating point, then try to avoid shell scripting here.
·         Resource intensive tasks, especially where speed is factor like sorting, hashing etc.
·         Situations where security is most important factor, where we need the integrity of system.
·         Where cross platform portability required, don't use shell scripting. In this situation, C, Perl like languages are most useful.
·         If project consists of subcomponents with interlocking dependencies then avoid to use of shell scripting. Instead of it, C++ language can be useful.
·         In some situations, if we need data structures like tree, linked list, stack, graph then don't use shell scripting.
·         If there is need of direct access to system hardware then avoid the use of shell scripting.
·         If there is need to generate graphical interface or need to manipulate graphics then best way to avoid shell scripting.
·         If there is need of internal libraries or interface with legacy code then don't use shell scripting.
If there is situations like above mentioned, then use more powerful scripting language like Perl, Python, or compiled languages like C, C++ or java.
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