Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Cygwin is the best application which creates unix like environment in Windows OS. We can run almost all commands on Cygwin. Processing of files in windows will be easy if we use unix commands to process.

You can use openssh server in cygwin and create password less connection as well. There are many features of Cygwin that we will discuss in other article.

Please see below  for  brief information about installation of cygwin.

How to install cygwin ?
1.        It is very easy step. Go to this link Download Cygwin
2.       Download setup.exe only.
3.       Run the setup.exe and you can see first pop up as follows:

Click here to know more about: Jstat Command in Linux

4.       Select Install from Local directory, if you have already downloaded all packages otherwise select first option i.e. Install from Internet and click next.
5.       After that you will get next window where setup is asking for root directory if you have selected the Install from local directory. Otherwise give the path where you want to keep all cygwin related files and then click on next.

6.       Now it will ask for Internet settings if you have i.e. for proxy settings if you have. Otherwise select Direct Connection option.
7.       Now you will get mirror list. Select any mirror and click on next.
8.       It is the last step and most important step about Cygwin installation. Please be careful while selecting the packages which you need with cygwin. If you have not selected respective package then you will not get the commands of that package in your cygwin and you will get error message like "Command not found". If you are going to select all packages then Cygwin will take too much time to complete and you will install unnecessary packages as well.

After selection of packages, installation process will start. click on next and then finish. 
and then you will get the desktop icon for Cygwin Launch. Double click on this and Cygwin will start  and start to run unix commands on Windows

If you need any help regarding Cygwin then you can reach me on

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