Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jmap command in Linux                                                        Check Java Process statistics in Linux

Jinfo command used to get configuration information of particular java process by giving input as a Process Id. Jinfo gives lots of information which will be useful for configuration analysis.

Jinfo prints Java configuration information for a given Java process or core file or a remote debug server. Configuration information includes  Java  System properties and Java virtual machine command line flags.

       jinfo [ option ] pid
       jinfo [ option ] executable core
       jinfo [ option ] [server-id@]remote-hostname-or-IP

Parameters :

Options are mutually exclusive. Option, if used, should follow immediately after the command name.
Process  id  for which the configuration info is to be printed. The process must be a Java process. To get a list of Java processes running on a machine, jps may be used.
Java executable from which the core dump was produced.
Remote debug server's (see jsadebugd) hostname or IP address
Optional unique id, if multiple debug servers are running on the same remote host.

Options :

<no option>
-flag name
-flag name
-flag name=value
-sysprops ( prints Java System properties as name, value pairs).

Above are the options which can be used to get in detail information. If you want to see output of this command then please click on next link : Check Java Process Performance in Linux.

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