Friday, April 5, 2013

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When we start the Linux machine/server that time we need  some services should have to start automatically. But for this purpose, we have to do some changes in Linux settings. There are two ways to add service to startup or disable service to startup in Linux. First one is through GUI i.e. if you have access to server directly then you can do it through GUI otherwise we have to run some commands.

Add service to startup in Red hat Linux through GUI

Steps to follow: 
1.       Login to server by root user. (Any authorized user)
2.       Move Cursor on “System”, submenu will appear. Last submenu – “Startup Applications”. Click on it. 

3.       After this, you will get small window, in this tick the services which you want to start at startup or if there is no service which you want then add that service in by clicking on “Add” button. Fill the details and click on “OK”.

Now suppose if you want to enable the service to startup or disable the service then run following command on terminal. 
1.       To check all the services in server by running command : chkconfig. It will display all details about runlevels and service is on or off for that particular run level.

2.       Type the command to turn off startup service as already present. 

[root@rhel ~]# chkconfig --level 34 NetworkManager off

This command will disable the NetworkManager service for runlevel 3 and 4 only.

If you want to enable  any service then use “on” instead of “off” and change the level as per your requirement.

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